Sri Tatwamasi Dixit is a Family Business Advisor, Coach and the Founder of FABRIC (Family Business Research International Centre), a boutique consulting firm that offers Advisory Services to Families in Business and Coaching services to entrepreneurs and next-generation leaders.

Sri Dixit leverages his extensive experience in commercial and management practices to help families in business balance and blend their family and business priorities. He firmly believes that 
‘The foundation of any successful family business is a successful family’.

Sri Dixit is a talented natural mediator and facilitator. He weaves a fabric of togetherness between Family Members and Business Professionals allowing renewal and regeneration of emotional bonds. Depending on the underlying complexity of the relationships and the various family business challenges, he crafts an appropriate solution for transformation and harmony.

The ideal combination of his knowledge, experiences, exceptional insights and intuition has helped Sri Dixit become a successful Family Business Advisor, helping families and businesses to manage growth, change and transitions. He has successfully worked in multi-cultural environments with Indian and non-Indian families across the globe since 1998.

Sri Dixit has mastered the integration of Vedic principles with contemporary psychology and 
business management.

Sri Dixit was the recipient of the prestigious award from the then President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, for his work on the ‘Synergy between Modernity and Tradition’.

Sri Dixit has worked extensively and very closely with Mr. Peter Leach, a leading Family Business Advisor in 
the UK. He has also been professionally associated with other internationally renowned Family Business Experts such as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Dr. Ram Charan.

He has co-authored a book with Mr. Peter Leach, titled – Indian Family Business Mantras.