The success of a Family Business enterprise lies in the art of striking a balance that leverages the best facets of both Family and Business.

The conflict between addressing the emotional issues and the well-being of family members versus prioritizing strategic planning of the business and addressing financial concerns makes it challenging.

Sustaining a family business demands strong leadership, teamwork, and the separation of the  “family-business” from the “family.”

Working with families who own or control businesses is more an art than a science. It requires skills developed through in-depth study, personal experience and balanced reflection as there are no
easy answers.

Our purpose is to help create a family business platform where,

  • communication is transparent, clear, and direct
  • everyone understands his or her roles and responsibilities
  • decisions are based on know-how and not emotions

We assist our clients derive solutions for their family and business problems and help them navigate their challenges in the areas of leadership, succession, and governance across generations by aligning the family members with the purpose, vision and values of their family business.

What We Offer

We provide the following Advisory Services to our clients:

Identify, develop and align family business purpose, vision and values
  • Identify, develop and align family business purpose, vision and values
  • Develop a Family Code of Conduct
  • Articulate ownership framework
  • Set up governance structures for family, business and ownership (Family Council, Family Business Council, Family Owner’s Council, Philanthropic Foundation)
  • Setup formal process for participation of family members in decision making
  • Performance review process
  • Difference management and conflict resolution process
  • Frame family, business and ownership policies
  • Set expectations, philosophy, and values upfront
  • Define a clear and objective leadership selection process
  • Understand and analyze individual and collective talents, aspirations and potential
  • Assess fitment of next gen family leaders in suitable roles
  • Develop successor’s capabilities
  • Balance business needs and family aspirations
  • Build credibility through a phased transition
  • Prepare retiring leaders to take up an advisory role
  • Create awareness and appreciation of perspectives of members across generations
  • Identify common interests
  • Facilitate alignment of Inter-Generational values and aspirations
  • Reinforce relationships through facilitated family retreats
Facilitation and Mediation
  • Determine nature of conflict (task, process or relationship based)
  • Ensure that a structured conflict resolution process is followed
  • Facilitate resolving matters amicably
  • Facilitate resolution of matters amicably
  • Ideate and identify areas in which Family Members require support / services
  • Design Family Office Organization structure, systems, processes and MIS
  • Set up Family Office
  • Automate Family Office Operations
  • Recruit and train Family Office Executives