Family Workshop

Purpose of facilitating Family Development Workshops is to contribute to the long-term success by engaging resources that promote success and foster sustainability and longevity. These workshops focus on strengthen Families and build healthier businesses.

It also brings about a shift in an individual’s mindset, increased knowledge awareness of their strengths and weaknesses and a greater appreciation of the stylistic differences between their generation and the former generation resulting in alignment.

We organize and conduct Family Workshops & Retreats to

  • Invite critical Non-Family Professional and Institutional Members to engage with Family and co-create Business Direction and Strategy
  • To develop Skills and build Knowledge of every Family Member
  • Map every Family Member’s Career Path
  • Mentor and Coach on Effective Communication Skills in Multi-Generational Family Businesses
  • Address deviations from the Constitution
  • Sense Tensions in the Family and forecast / predict what can change
  • Bring about Alignment
  • Enhance Family Bonding

Family Capital Development

  • A Family Business is highly dependent on its Next Generation Members to ensure organizational perpetuity.
    So developing Next Generation leaders becomes a key lever to the Business’ survival and longevity.
  • Current generation Family Members need to recognize that investment in the Next Generation Members can help grow the Family Business. For this, it is imperative to carefully work with the Next Generation to identify their aspirations and dreams and provide them with the platform to succeed, within the Family Business.

We extend our support by

  • Assessing Strengths and skills-set of Next-Generation Members
  • Enabling Alignment of Inter-Generational Aspirations
  • Creating an Organizational Development Strategy that will adequately balance the external focus with the Organization’s internal needs.