Values & Mission


  • Family Values are the collective beliefs about what the Family stands for and takes pride in. They are the operating philosophies or principles that guide a Family’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with its customers, partners & shareholders.
  • We assist in identifying, aligning and internalizing Family and Business Values.


  • Purpose for a Family Business is not just about the purpose of the business, it is also about the purpose of the family, about how it fits in with the enterprise and establishing why the Family Members are in Business together in the first place. It is imperative for a Family Business to have a well-articulated Purpose to reach the desired goal. Working Family Members, Individual Shareholders and Professionals should be united with the Purpose of the Business.
  • We help family businesses
  • Understand the significance of Purpose
  • Examine and Determine their real Purpose
  • Live their purpose
  • Nothing is stronger than a shared Family Vision and Values aligned with the Purpose of a Business.

Vision & Mission

  • Articulating a vision for the Family is a deep soul searching interrogative exercise, worth the time and effort, but once, finalized, it is powerful enough to inspire and integrate the entire Family. A Family Vision that is drawn up collectively tends to have a more cohesive and long lasting impression as there is participation and a buy in from all Family Members. The Business Vision should be aligned to the Family Vision, as it is the Family that makes or mars a Family Business. If the Business Vision dominates and becomes the reason for the Family’s success, it is likely to be short-lived.
  • We help develop and align Family and Business Vision.
  • We guide Families in implementing the Mission to realize their Family Business Vision.