Vision for Family Business

Vision is the formal, distilled articulation of your dreams and desires for the future.
Stephen Covey writes,“Shared vision empowers people to transcend the petty, negative interactions that consume so much time and effort and depletes quality of life”. It also unleashes and combines the energy, talent, and capacities of all involved.” As a Business grows, the need to explicitly define and communicate the owners’ visions grows.

Owners have to live by their vision as it helps add accountability to everything that is done. Business partners and employees see the value it has added to the family and how it has helped shape their decisions as a business.

Developing and diligently working on a Vision for yourself and your Family Business will rally people to your cause,
increase clarity in your life and in the lives of the people around you.

A Vision is the most important building block for creating a sustainable and successful Family owned Business.

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