Women are trying to gain a foothold in what typically is called a “man’s world”. They are making a slow but steady progress. A difficulty in this area is that there is little in the way of quantitative evidence, and descriptions of what is going on are mostly based on observation and anecdotes. It is clear that women have come a long way in family business, in step with increases in the scope of women’s independent activity and personal ambition over the past fifty years. Especially in the United States, more women now more than ever own businesses.

At the same time, in many countries, there are wives of family company owners playing a number of traditional behind-the-scenes roles such as a confidante and a business adviser, including acting as a sound board for their husbands and other family members, often on issues of character and human perception and, more prominently, as a symbol of unity, fostering team work and communication. This role description fits well with wives and mothers across India. They are sensitive to the emotions of the family members and their priority focuses on the preservation of the family. And often when there is a conflict in the family business between the father and the children, it is the owner’s wife who acts as a mediator, working at calming the situation and maintaining peace.

Therefore, a women’s role is varied and is ever developing. We can expect a lot from the women of today. Changing times have led women to take control of their lives and step up to take charge. This thought must be applauded and supported so that one can have a balanced outlook towards life and grow in one’s business.

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