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A place where holistic career development begins

FABRIC is a boutique family business consulting firm with 20 years of experience serving some of the world’s largest family business conglomerates. A career at FABRIC means building diversified skills and imbibing leadership qualities everyday at work. The workplace is conducive to research, ideate, apply learning for solving some of the pressing family business challenges. Please browse through below openings and apply if suitable.

Collaborative Environment

Each day, feel the vibe of a truly positive work environment where bigger things are getting done with just one manta, Collaboration.

Integrity & Confidentiality

Together with integrity and transparency, we will maintain absolute confidentiality of our client information in a 360 manner.

Holistic Development

FABRIC is a launchpad for ambitious management professionals to build a career in the field of Management and Business consulting.

Open Jobs

If you are interested in a career, please email your latest CV to

Experienced Content Writer

FABRIC seeks to hire an experienced content writer who is comfortable in writing for B2B industry, familiar with management concepts and have delivered quality content.

Associate Consultant

You will be an all rounder in our research and marketing operations wing. Ideal candidate will have a mastery in finding, curating & presenting data and insights for impactful consumption.

Ready to join us?

Please do check our careers page often for available job positions.

Ready to join us?


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Discuss your specific family business consulting use case, we will recommend best practices that would best serve the purpose. Connect with us.
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