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In the family business space in india, the coaching has been taken up in a big way by the entrepreneurs.

Do you have a vision?

Every leader, regardless of their identity, role or context must develop a long-term vision and work to fulfill it in their lifetime. Having a vision propels an individual further, ensures a higher commitment to a set path and better growth. While individuals often recognize the necessity for having a personal and professional vision, they often […]

Effective leadership

Leaders in a family business are often required to don multiple hats in order to balance the complexities of family members and professionals within the organization. While it is necessary for a leader to be nimble in their leadership approach, it is also important for every leader to evaluate and determine the style of their […]

Stages of business evolution

Every entity goes through a life cycle and the needs and demands of the entity change as one moves from one stage to the other. Each stage of growth brings with it unique issues and challenges that need to be managed in accordance with the stage. In the case of family businesses, the entire span […]

Relationships as bedrocks

Every family business in India is an extension of the family itself – its members, its dynamics, its relationships, its strengths and its conflicts. As a family, made up of this complex ecosystem, works to create and develop a business, one often finds that the structures of the family itself underpin the organisation. Both culture […]

Family – business paradox

The intertwined system of a family running a business has its own set of complexities. A family system is emotion based, with a focus on establishing and maintaining relationships. In a family system, there is a lot of subconscious behaviour – there is openness, trust and loyalty between family members as well as opportunities for […]

Family business models

There are two predominant family business models in operation today. The first is the custodian model. In this model, the focus is on transferring the business intact from generation to generation. The key principle on which the business operates is long-term sustainability and perpetuity from one generation to the next. There is a constant emphasis […]

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