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Broad Spectrum Of Services

Clients entrust us with a comprehensive array of family business advisory services, encompassing strategic guidance, financial advisory, valuation, legal and tax considerations, Inter-generational alignment considering the emotional sensitivities, mediation, establishing constitution and governance framework, conflict resolution, coaching the next generation, and succession planning. Our USP lies in the unparalleled professionalism, confidentiality and unwavering commitment to our customers.

We recognize that family businesses are not just about profit and growth; they are about fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of the families who have poured their hearts and souls into building them. We strive to understand not only what family members explicitly convey but also what they may be subtly expressing. We listen attentively to their hopes and concerns, their desires and frustrations, to gain a holistic understanding of their perspectives. This deep dive into the family dynamics allows us to craft tailored solutions that address the unique needs and aspirations of each family member, ensuring that their voices are heard, and their contributions are valued. Our goal is to help family businesses achieve enduring success by fostering a harmonious and thriving environment where all generations can contribute their unique talents and perspectives.

Diverse Sectors

We take pride in our diverse clientele, offering tailored services to meet the distinctive requirements of family businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. From capital-intensive manufacturing, infrastructure projects to dynamic IT innovations, essential sectors like healthcare and pharmaceuticals, competitive industries such as FMCG and logistics, and spanning across other sectors like education, mining, banking, fashion, diamond, Jewellery & Food Processing.

Intergenerational Alignment

Our family business clientele encompasses small, closely held enterprises to large, multinational corporations, each with its own unique ownership structure and dynamics. The Market Cap of our listed client’s grosses over 300 Billion USD. Their business operations range across multiple industries located in India and overseas. We assist our clients derive solutions by helping them navigate challenges in the areas of Family, Business, Ownership and individual - across generations by aligning the family members with their shared purpose, vision and values of their family enterprise. Transition of ownership and business leadership is very crucial as it not only involves succession planning but also a whole gamut of issues like mentoring and guiding the next generation, how they should imbibe the values and culture of the organization etc. We support clients in this multifaceted endeavour by guiding them how to bridge the intergenerational gaps strategically and help them structure their Family business that will be organically viable for multiple generations. We go beyond the surface-level wants of family and find their intrinsic needs to successfully transition their family business from generation to generation and help them build a legacy.

Multicultural Global Clientele - Bespoke Approach

We pride ourselves in being able to successfully render assistance to our clients across the globe. Our international exposure allows us to connect with families and businesses worldwide, understanding their distinct cultural contexts and business landscapes. We delve deep into the unique DNA and culture of each family enterprise, ensuring that our guidance aligns with their values, traditions, and aspirations. This deep appreciation for their unique identity empowers us to make our interventions to address their specific challenges and opportunities. We start the interventions at the grass root level to understand the needs of each and every family member, the hierarchy (both explicit and implicit), their pain points, individual aspirations vis-a-vis collective goals, self-awareness quotient etc. We firmly believe that no two-family businesses are alike, therefore preserving the uniqueness of the whole system plays a vital role. While there may be business formulae and preset designs that can be applicable for non-family businesses, in family businesses, the human element plays a crucial role, so we devote time to study these elements and provide solutions to the challenges that such complexities bring forth.

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