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Family Business Coaching

The scope of our mentoring and coaching services extends from founders to members of the next generation.

The purpose of our individual one-on-one mentoring and coaching is to:

- Explore the personality and behaviour of individuals and raise their self-awareness by helping them recognize and modify their self-defeating beliefs, assumptions and actions
- Unravel their obstacles to progress by identifying their personal and professional potential
- Support them in clarifying their goals
- Provide them with reflective space to enable them to make sense of their lives
- Help them make the transitions and changes they want to make

Family Business Coaching

Career Path

We help designated individuals develop as CEOs and future leaders of the family business by Designing a Career Path is a dynamic and continuous process that aims to hone the individual’s core competencies and kindle the entrepreneurial spirit.

Individual Development Plan

Our Individual Development Plan does a detailed self-analysis, personal reflections, and honest appraisal of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses enabling a multi-dimensional evaluation, thus facilitating enhancement in their personal and professional fronts.

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