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Family Business Research International Center (FABRIC)

Family Business Research International Center (FABRIC) is a boutique consulting firm offering comprehensive Advisory and Coaching services for over two decades exclusively to multi-cultural family business clients in India and abroad.

The Organization specializes in Inter-Generational Alignment, Succession Planning, Next Gen Development, Facilitation And Mediation, Family Business Constitution, Family Business Governance, Career Path Development and Individual Development Plan

Our Purpose

To guide and coach Family Business Entrepreneurs and Next Generation Leaders to build institutions in perpetuity, thereby contributing to the nation’s economy.

Our Vision

To help Family Business houses to identify their inherent strengths and overcome their challenges to successfully and ethically manage Growth, Change, and Transition.

Our Guiding Principles

Maintain Absolute Professionalism

We maintain high levels of professionalism and place importance on ethics and integrity while dealing with our clients. We provide accurate and relevant information to our clients to enable them to make informed decisions.

A Safe Environment for Dialogue

Tensions in family relationships can have a negative impact on the family business and need to be resolved before they can act up. We create an environment where each person feels safe to express his or her views.

Ensuring Strict Confidentiality

We hold ourselves to the highest degree of confidentiality. Though a lot of confidential information is shared both in the business and personal domain we remain absolutely discreet and do not reveal it to anyone.

Our Approach

Our approach encompasses the specific and unique dimensions of the Family Business.


A Diagnostic Approach is adopted to obtain a holistic view on the current DNA of our client’s Family Business. At the outset, we conduct an Assessment of their Family Business System to get a comprehensive insight into their strengths and challenges.


Confidential and interactive one-on-one & group sessions helps us understand their perspectives. These Meetings are very important as we ascertain the opinion of each and every family member without which it will be difficult to arrive at a consensus decision.

Debriefing & Feedback

Based on our understandings from the initial meetings, a comprehensive report is presented to the client with our feedback. This report will serve as a reality check as family members may provide feedback that may not have been shared with other family members.

Periodical Meetings

We hold periodical Group and one on one meetings to discuss matters related to the Ownership, Business, Family and Governance. Some members prefer to voice their opinion privately so it becomes critical to ascertain their views which will be discussed in the group meetings to arrive at a consensus.

Break-away Sessions

Few break-away sessions may be required with select family members to iron out differences to ensure consensus of all family members. When discussions in group meetings do not result in a consensus a few breakaway sessions with members who have voiced contrary view is critical to reach a consensus.

Constitution Finalization

Parallel sessions may be held with a select individual or group to address a few Constitution items. Family Retreats will be held to discuss and finalise the Constitution. Once all the members have confirmed that they are in Constitution document is finalised and signed by all family members.

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Discuss your specific family business consulting use case, we will recommend best practices that would best serve the purpose. Connect with us.
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