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Digital Governance Platform for Family Business Members.
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The New Normal in Family Business Governance

A new normal will emerge post pandemic with the virtual world going into an overdrive. Our lifestyle, the way we do business, and many more will witness unprecedented changes that will be unlike the evolution we have witnessed in the past. These are the times for family businesses that are the backbone of many economies to reimagine and emerge stronger. Need of the hour is to do the right thing at the right time and govern the family to weather the storm and take the family business to new heights. There are millions of family businesses in the world but not enough family business advisors. Therefore, we took it on us to help every family business out there to thrive and grow not just during the current pandemic but be ready for similar catastrophes in the future by focusing on strong fundamentals.

We are delighted that we are in the works to build a path breaking framework which will not only help large family run businesses but also small ones. Decades of experience in family business governance & research has provided us with deep insights into the nuances of family governance and pain points. We took a big bold step to envision a digital platform that can help every single family business to govern through the nuances and emerge stronger.

With empathy as our guiding principle, we implemented Design Thinking principles and created a digital platform and a super-app to digitally transform family businesses. A seamless transition to the new normal is the need of the hour to stay connected and embrace the new way of functioning and governing family business.

We are humbled that we are the front runners and are leading the path to visualize the family business in the new normal and help them through the journey. That is, doing our bit to bring things back to normal.

Family Digital Hub - Features

Meetings & Events

Stay ahead & never miss a follow-up

Collaborative Tools

Get things done like never before

Access Privileges

Security at its best, yet simply flexible

Secure Vault

Plan, share & secure information 

Document Repository

Review, approve, move ahead in style 

Governance on the Go

Data driven insights on engagement

Family Digital Hub - Engagement Model

Family Digital Hub App as a Managed Service

Exclusive for Family Business Clients of Fabric Advisory, the App is being managed and services are delivered professionally as a managed service. The family members and designated users are enabled to use the App to its fullest potential. Equipped with 24/7 Customer Support, managing your family and business commitments have never been this easier. 
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Subscribe and Use

If yours is a Family Business, you may simply subscribe to Family Digital Hub and start using it Instantly. The Platform is designed with seamless digital experience and usability so that anyone can self-configure and use it right away. Refer to the detailed documentation put together for swift implementation and usage. Always, check with us if you have any queries.
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Family Offices & Family Business Consultants

Use Family Digital Hub to manage Family Business Governance of your Clients. Take advantage of 20+ Years of Family Business Applied Research and Expertise that is embedded into one Mobile Platform for delighting your clients. Family Digital Hub comes as a easy-to-install Mobile Application with robust workflows, security and sound documentation.
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Get, Set, Grow!

Family Digital Hub is an all-inclusive Family Business Governance Platform that helps family business members with all sophisticated tools to organize better, conduct meetings, approve workflows, create and share sensitive information securely and collaborate across designated members in one place. Simply it helps Members manage Family and Business together using one mobile platform.
256-Bit Encryption for maximum protection
Secure Social Login for easy access
Integrations with File storage services
Highly practical Family Business use cases 
Real-time sync with backups on Cloud

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