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Family Business Advisory

The success of a Family Business enterprise lies in the art of striking a balance that leverages the best facets of both Family and Business. The conflict between addressing the emotional issues and the well-being of family members versus prioritizing strategic planning of the business and addressing financial concerns makes it challenging.

Sustaining a family business demands strong leadership, teamwork, and the separation of the “family-business” from the “family.” Working with families who own or control businesses is more an art than a science. It requires skills developed through in-depth study, personal experience and balanced reflection as there are no easy answers.

Our purpose is to help create a family business platform where,

1) Communication is transparent, clear, and direct
2) Everyone understands his or her roles and responsibilities
3) Decisions are based on know-how and not emotions

We assist our clients derive solutions for their family and business problems and help them navigate their challenges in the areas of leadership, succession, and governance across generations by aligning the family members with the purpose, vision and values of their family business.

Family Business Advisory

Family Business Constitution

We help our clients develop and implement their Family Constitution which encapsulates the family’s shared purpose, vision, values, code of conduct and consists of key policies, rules and regulations for successful governance.

Family Business Succession Planning

We help our clients develop a written family business succession plan that chalks out a roadmap to manage succession from one generation to another and/or deal with sudden and unexpected family and business developments.

Inter-generational Alignment

We help families understand the varied perspectives from each generation and offer a platform to explore common interests, engage in conversations about shared values and find ways to strengthen the commitment to those values.

Facilitation and Mediation

Differences, when left unresolved, grow into conflicts, and conflicts when not managed in time, turn into incompatibility, which if left unaddressed, eventually leads to separation of family members.

Next Gen Development

Developing Next Generation business leaders becomes a key lever to the survival, longevity and continued growth of the family Business. Invest in grooming next generation leaders and grow the Family Business further.


Family Office

We help family businesses establish Family Office and assist Family Members with their investments, compliance, tax and legal matters, family forum-meetings administration, secretarial activities and philanthropic activities.

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