What is Family Business?

A family owned business may be defined as any business in which members of one family across generations are involved in the business operations and where the majority of ownership or control lies within the family. It is an interaction between two separate but connected systems – the business and the family – with uncertain boundaries and different rules.

FABRIC is a boutique consulting firm offering advisory, mentoring and coaching services exclusively to family businesses in India and abroad. The organization specializes in providing comprehensive advisory services to clients including drafting family constitutions, establishing family business governance framework, designing succession plan to ensure family business continuity, difference management, next generation leadership development and setting up family office.

FABRIC has extensive experience in addressing the dynamics and challenges unique to Family Businesses.

Our Advisory Services

We assist our clients derive solutions for their family and business problems and help them navigate their challenges in the areas of leadership, succession, and governance across generations by aligning the family members with the purpose, vision and values of their family business.

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Intergenerational Alignment

Facilitation and Mediation

Develop a Succession Plan

Family Office

Develop and implement Family Constitution

Mentoring & Coaching Services

The purpose of our individual one-on-one mentoring and coaching is to: Explore the personality and behaviour of individuals and raise their self-awareness by helping them recognize and modify their self-defeating beliefs, assumptions and actions

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Career Path

Nextgen Leadership Development

Life Coaching (Individual Development Plan)

Our Approach

Diagnostic Stage

A Diagnostic Approach is adopted to obtain a holistic view on the current DNA of our client’s Family Business.

Group Family Meetings

Based on our understandings from the initial meetings, a comprehensive report is presented to the client, wherein we provide our feedback.

Parallel Sessions

We hold periodical Group Family Meetings to discuss matters related to the Ownership, Business, Family and Governance. These sessions helps us understand their perspectives.

Family Retreats

Few break-away sessions may be required with select family members to iron out differences or disagreements to ensure that the consensus of all family members is obtained.


Sri Tatwamasi Dixit is a Family Business Advisor, Coach and the Founder of FABRIC (Family Business Research International Centre), a boutique consulting firm that offers Advisory Services to Families in Business and Coaching services to entrepreneurs and next-generation leaders.

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