Family Business Research International Center

FABRIC is a boutique consulting firm offering advisory, mentoring and coaching services exclusively to family businesses in India and abroad. The organization specializes in providing comprehensive advisory services to clients including drafting family constitutions, establishing family business governance framework, designing succession plan to ensure family business continuity, difference management, next generation leadership development and setting up family office.

FABRIC has extensive experience in addressing the dynamics and challenges unique to Family Businesses.

How we add Value

The DNA of a Family run Business is very different from a non-Family run Business. Family Businesses abound with emotions which many a time, affect balanced decision making. This creates challenges that most Family Business stakeholders never fathom or anticipate and find it difficult when it comes to critical decision making.

We realize that every Family Business is unique and complex in its own way and so is what works for them. 
We assist our clients in resolving issues that encompass three spaces – Ownership, Family and Business –through a fair process, to derive emphatic solutions to their personal and / or professional issues.

Our assessment process brings the Family Owners to the table to address the key issues faced by them, establishes a common platform for discussing family business issues and solutions, chalks the road-map for Family Business owners to continue on a successful growth trajectory.

Our Purpose

To guide and coach Family Business Entrepreneurs and Next Generation Leaders to build institutions in perpetuity, thereby contributing to the nation’s economy.

Our Vision

To help Family Business houses to identify their inherent strengths and overcome their challenges to successfully and ethically manage Growth, Change, and Transition.

Our Principles


We maintain high levels of professionalism and place importance on ethics and integrity while dealing with our clients. We provide accurate and relevant information to our clients to enable them to make informed decisions.


Tensions in family relationships can have a negative impact on the family business and need to be resolved before they can act up.  We create an environment where each person feels safe to express his or her views and be heard by others.


We hold ourselves to the highest degree of confidentiality. Within a client relationship, we are absolutely discreet about the personal and business information shared with us.

Our Approach

Our approach encompasses the specific and unique dimensions of the Family Business.

  • A Diagnostic Approach is adopted to obtain a holistic view on the current DNA of our client’s 
Family Business. At the outset, we conduct an Assessment of their Family Business System to get a comprehensive insight into their strengths and challenges. Confidential and interactive one- on-one & group sessions with every family member helps us understand their perspectives
  • Based on our understandings from the initial meetings, a comprehensive report is presented to the client, wherein we provide our feedback from a family business governance perspective.
  • We hold periodical Group Family Meetings to discuss matters related to the Ownership, Business, Family and Governance.
  • Few break-away sessions may be required with select family members to iron out differences or disagreements to ensure that the consensus of all family members is obtained.
  • Parallel sessions may be held with a select individual/s or group of family members to address a few Constitution items as well as other subjects.
  • Family Retreats will be held to discuss and finalise the Constitution.