Facilitation and Mediation

Differences, when left unresolved, grow into conflicts, and conflicts when not managed on time, turn into incompatibility and eventually leads
to separation.

Due to the entwined nature of relationships in Family Businesses, conflicts in the Personal space can infringe the Business and vice versa. For the welfare of the Family and the Business, Family Members need to sort out their individual differences and must learn to live and work in harmony. By determining whether the conflict is based on an issue, a process or a relationship, one can move beyond the conflict and seek its resolution in an amicable way. Strong Family relations require identifying the sweet spot between individual and collective interests & tradition and modernity. We conduct Family Retreats to strengthen bonds and nurture inter / intra-unit relationships.

We guide Families

  • Identify Potential Causes that could lead to Conflicts
  • Invest time in learning Difference Management skills
  • Create a structured process for Conflict Resolution

Family Business Professionalization

  • The expansion stage of a Family Business is the phase in which there is a need to make the transition from an entrepreneurship to an entrepreneurially oriented and professionally-managed organization.
    Those Family Businesses who are able to transition successfully, experience a more rewarding and fulfilling journey in growing their Businesses.
  • Professionalizing the Family Business is easier said than done. For one, professionals need not just understand, but should also identify with the Vision, Mission and Culture of the Family Business. To be effective, good professionals need to be sensitive to the nuances of the Family Business as well as the Family dynamics.
  • We aid families professionalize their Family Business by:
    • Identifying Goals and Key Result Areas (KRAs)
    • Mapping Competencies with Roles
    • Providing suitable Performance Management tools
    • Assisting in Strategic Decision Making
    • Creating Strategic Organizational Development Initiatives