8 ways Vision statement adds Value to any Business

Vision statement crisply articulates the family's dreams and desires for the future.

Vision statement adds value in the following ways by:

  • Offering guidance to the Family Members since it articulates their aspirations
  • Setting decision making boundaries as members are aware of the impact of a wrong decision
  • Setting behavioural boundaries as the Family Values enunciated in the Vision statement will have an impact on behaviour
  • Instilling emotion as an articulated Vision statement will compel the members to pursue the purpose of the business
  • Propelling growth as Vision statement contains goals
  • Keeping curiosity alive as there will be learning along the way in the path to realising the vision
  • Facilitating difficult conversations as everything will be based on the statement; so no personal judgement will be involved
  • Enabling leadership, as it acts as a reminder to the leaders when they go off track in respect of goals set in the vision statement

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