Code of Conduct for Communication

Inter-generational Family Members as heirs to the business started generations ago are aware of the benefits of a joint legacy, but due to different life styles, values, and outlook etc., they may be strangers to the extended members of their own family.

With such diverse background it may be extremely difficult to create an environment for effective communication in a family meeting. One way to create the right atmosphere at the family meeting is by framing a Code of Conduct which will lay down rules of how they are to communicate with each other.

This will ensure that the undesirable means of communication, like dominating, shouting, interrupting, blaming, not giving others a chance to speak, not listening while other members speak, that inhibit effective communication will be eliminated.

For developing a Code each Family Member has to share their thoughts on how communication should take place in the meetings and after discussion, arrives at the Principles of Communication. It is primarily a list of rules for communication which every member of the family agrees to hold each other to when they meet or interact as
a family. The whole family may agree to strive to adopt these standards for all their communication and
behaviour together. The Code of Conduct may become a part of their Family Mission, Vision and Values, and their Family Constitution.

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