Corporate Culture – Values Alignment is the Foundation

The culture of an Organization is usually determined by Top Management i.e. CEO and senior leadership.

It is therefore very important that they have a Vision and a strong Belief system of what the Organization stands for and what it Values. Leaders in responsible positions should utilize their personal experience, beliefs and values to drive the values of the organization.

Sometimes, many organizations having great Mission, Vision and Value statements fail miserably as the leaders do not subscribe to the philosophy behind these statements. This is because, irrespective of whether it is public or private limited company, the culture of an organization is heavily influenced by their Beliefs, Values and Actions.

The process of defining and developing any corporate culture starts with an honest look at Values.

It is therefore very important to remember that having clear set of Values is vital to build progressive culture in an organization. Whatever Value an organization believes in reflects in its culture.

Ultimately, true corporate culture will spring forth from the people and decisions that are being made, based on agreed upon Values.

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