Tips to make a good Mission Statement

While writing the Mission statement, it would be advisable to consider the below mentioned factors to develop a flawless Mission statement:

  • Involve your family members and knowledgeable people connected to your Business as they can help you see strengths, weaknesses and any unacceptable statements you might miss. You must set aside a particular time to meet with the people who'll be helping you.
  • Brainstorm: You must stimulate ideas by looking at and discussing sample Mission statements and encourage the group to come up with individual Mission statements for your Business. Try to use offbeat, colourful and radiant words to spice up your Mission statement.
  • Polish the language: Once your Mission statement is done, you need to convey it thoroughly and explicitly to all individuals associated with your Business. Reinforce the same to inculcate the Mission in all practices defining your Business process.

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