About Us

FABRIC is dedicated to offering specialized comprehensive Advisory as well as Mentoring and Coaching services to Family Businesses in India
and abroad. FABRIC has extensive experience in addressing the dynamics and challenges unique to Family Businesses.

We collaborate with clients and help them strengthen their Business institutions in Perpetuity. We assist our clients in extensively exploring possibilities that encompass three spaces in the Family Business spectrum – Ownership, Family and Business to derive emphatic solutions to their personal and / or professional issues.


To guide and coach Family Business Entrepreneurs and Next Generation Leaders to build institutions in perpetuity thereby contributing to the
nation’s economy.


To help Family Business houses to identify their inherent Strengths and overcome their Challenges to successfully and ethically manage Growth, Change
and Transition


Weaving the Values for Succession and Growth


To maintain High Ethical Standards and Confidentiality

    Ojas Foundation

    Ojas Foundation was established in the year 2000 with the philosophy of adopting Vedic path to healthy living and guiding people on the path to recovery, progress and spiritual enlightenment. The Foundation endeavors to create an awareness of the quintessence of the Vedas, doctrines and philosophies amongst the common man.

    Ojas believes in applying the solutions extracted from the Vedas and the other ancient scriptures to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual well being of people. The Foundation has synergized Shri Dixit’s research based knowledge of various alternate and modern medical sciences to formulate effective audio compilations for human life cycle and various health conditions.